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WordPad? Tips You Need To Learn Now.

If you use the computer then you will know very well what is wordpad and how to use WordPad. You may have also used WordPad. It's a very cool and simple text editor that comes easily to everyone's understanding. Different versions of WordPad are shared in different versions of Windows.

If you use the computer then you will know very well what is wordpad and how to use WordPad. You may have also used WordPad. It's a very cool and simple text editor that comes easily to everyone's understanding.

WordPad is a basic word processor available in every version of Windows 95. It is used to create and modify documents. It is a bit slow to load, compared to Notepad, it can handle large comfortably graphics and rich formatting, unlike notepad, can handle large files as well. WordPad is preferred for quick notes and text-based writing.

So today I thought why you would know what the WordPad people are all about, what are all the tools and where they use them in today's article. Then let's begin without delay and know how to use WordPad.

What is wordpad?

WordPad is a text editor that Microsoft has created. It is found in all kinds of Windows computers. In this you can create any kind of notes, create text formats. It has many features, due to which it is different from Notepad.

What is the main purpose of WordPad? It is a word processing software that Microsoft designed to make Notes. Although the use of Microsoft Word has reduced its usage, some of its features make it unique today. WordPad? Tips You Need To Learn Now. Let us know about the tools of WordPad.
How to use WordPad

WordPad is a user-friendly software that allows every user to easily understand and use it. Its tools are also very easy. Let's know about all the tools in WordPad.

1. Bold The Font

With this tool you can bold it to focus any font in WordPad. In that the text becomes darker black and looks most special.

2. Underline The Font

Through this tool you can underline any font in WordPad so that the font looks like the main font. We can underline some headings.

3. Italic Font

With this tool, you can italic any font in WordPad which makes the font sloppy and looks great.

4. Language

With this tool you can change the language of the text you wrote or the language you select will be written in the same language. WordPad has over 50 languages, through which you can best write your fonts.

5. Size

With this tool you can change the size of any font and make it bigger or smaller. This tool is used to show a headline larger.

6. Strikethrough

With this tool, you can line up on any text.  WordPad? Tips You Need To Learn Now.Suppose you have to show the line on any text, then the help of this tool is taken.

7. Subscript

With this tool you can show the number below any of the text. This tool is used in the formulas of science. As the formula of water is to write H20, then this tool is used to put 2 to H below.

8. Superscript

With this tool you can represent the number above any text. It is said to ambush the language of mathematics. Like in A3, use this tool to put 3 above a.

9. Text Highlight

With this tool you can highlight with any font color, so that text looks different. If you have any definition or special topic in the book that has been marked with the highlight pen, this tool is useful in the same way.

10. Text Color

With this tool you can change the color of any text so that it looks attractive.

11. Insert Picture

With this tool you can add any image to WordPad.

12. Insert Paint Drawing

This tool is used if you want to add a drawing of Microsoft Paint to WordPad.

13. Insert Date and Time

This tool is used to add Date and Time to WordPad.

14. Insert Object

This tool is used to insert any type of object in your WordPad document such as an Adobe Photoshop file or a Graph Chart. Any Excel worksheet or presentation of PowerPoint, etc. All can add to it. WordPad? Tips You Need To Learn Now.

15. Find

This tool is used to find any font in WordPad.

16. Replace

After searching any font, if it is to replace it with another text then this tool is used. WordPad? Tips You Need To Learn Now. For example, if you want to find out the whole text in Shyam, then you will find Ram in Find What and Shyam is written in Replace With and clicking on Replace will change the word automatically.

17. Select All

With this tool you can select all your fonts. You can also select all the text by pressing CTRL + A.

18. Zoom In and Zoom Out

With the help of these tools you can Zoom In and Zoom Out WordPad, which means you can make bigger.

19. Start A List

With this tool you can create a list format in WordPad. This tool is used if the feature of any item is shown in the list.

20. Line Spacing

With this tool you can space between the lines and remove it too.
These are some of the WordPad tools that you should know about if you want to use WordPad and want to be a Power User in the right place.

WordPad? Tips You Need To Learn Now.

WordPad is used to perform many tasks such as

1. The documents to create, open, and save.

2. For formatting documents - in which their size is changed and the style of the print is changed, along with the look of the page can also be changed etc.

3. You can insert dates, pictures and hyperlinks.

4. You can also view the documents.

5. You can also create page margins.

6. You can also print documents together.


I hope that you have liked what my word is WordPad (What is WordPad). I always try to get the full information about how readers use WordPad so that they do not need to find them in any other sites or internet in the context of that article. This will also save their time and will get all the information in one place.

Thanks you...

WordPad? Tips You Need To Learn Now.

If there is 1 Rupee = 1 Dollar, what will it have?

1 USD = 1 INR! All of us know that 1 dollar value in our country is Rs.66 in today's time. Just like in India, the price of one rupee is the same, the same way the country that is equal to 1 dollar in the US. But the only difference is that we can not buy anything by paying one rupee in India, its value is not at all but the cost of 1 dollar in the US is very high, people can buy food for themselves. In such a scenario, every citizen of our country would want a rupee of 1 rupee as much as 1 dollar, but if it happens, then what will happen? On this I am going to tell today that when Rupees 1 rupee is 1 rupee then what will it have in India?

1 USD = 1 INR! All of us know that 1 dollar value in our country is Rs.66 in today's time. Just like in India, the price of one rupee is the same, the same way the country that is equal to 1 dollar in the US. But the only difference is that we can not buy anything by paying one rupee

Let's assume that there was such a miracle that if the value of 1 rupee is 1 dollar then what will happen? If this happens our country will become rich, poverty will disappear, no human will ever starve on hunger and nobody will be lacking in money. How good is it to hear this? But will it really happen if the price of 1 rupee will be worth 1 dollar? Just like every coin has two pahlu, there are two aspects of the answer to this question. If 1 rupee is worth 1 dollar, then we will also get rid of it and losses too. First of all, we know what fayed will happen.

1 rupee = 1 dollar, then what will be fayeda?

1) The first thing that will be fayadah is to all of us that all the goods in India will be available to us at cheap prices because of the more percentage of the goods in our country which we use in our daily life of Mara comes from the Bahar countries and 1 If the value of Rupee is equal to 1 dollar, then whatever we buy from the Bahar countries, the Indian government will have to pay a lower price. Which means that if the workers buy those things at a low price then they will sell the goods at a lower price. And this will reduce Mehengi in our country too.

2) Branded items can also be bought at affordable prices such as the iPhone which is sold in our country at the highest prices, we can buy only for Rs 600. Since it costs 600 dollars in the US and if 1 rupee = 1 dollar, then we can only take the iPhone to 600 rupees.

3) As I said before, many things in India are bought from Bahar country, one of them is petrol which is brought from the country of Bihar. So if 1 rupee = 1 dollar becomes then the imports will be cheaper and petrol will also get us in cheap prices. The cost of transportation will also be reduced due to petrol being cheaper. We will be able to take as many things as we want from our country and there will be no shortage of anything in our country.

Because of 1 rupee = 1 dollar we will all be fayed, just that all of us want this - Mehengi should be reduced, all the comforts are available in less money. Seeing all these fayeads, everyone would want that the price of 1 rupee should be as 1 dollar.

But wait! This is just what I have told about the fayed to know about the damage is still there. So let us know about the consequences of this.

1 rupee = 1 dollar, what would be the loss?

1) The way we buy some things from the country of Bihar, in the same way our country also sells some things to the country of Bihar. If 1 rupee = 1 is US dollar, then those things that we sell to the country of Bihar will prove to be mine. So why would any country of Bihar buy more money from our country, why would he buy it? He would like to take those things from another country where those things can get from our country at lower prices. For this reason our country will stop exporting.

In such a situation, many people think that why do we need to buy goods from other countries? We will use indigenous things which are made by our country only. Even if we do not buy goods from the countries of Bahar, then the countries of Bihar will not buy goods from us so that our country will never prosper. We will be left where we are.

2) Foreign investment in our country will stop. Foreign countries also invest in our country, there is also one of the main reasons why they do not have to pay labor cost and they get the workers who work in less money. But if there is 1 INR = 1 USD then foreign countries will stop investing in our country because labor costs will be high and it will be better to decide to invest in other countries.

Foreign investment is mostly done in our country's IT and service sector and 60% of our country's GDP is contributed by the same sector and 27% of the people of our country also get employment from the same sector, which is completely Will stop because the foreign country will stop investing in our country. As if to say that the salary of a good Indian engineer is getting 75,000 rupees in a month and the same expensive engineer boy is getting the same salary in foreign country for $ 3000 a month. So if the Indian engineer's salary of one month is $ 75,000, according to 1 USD = 1 INR, then why would any foreign country pay the money to the engineer of our country, when he gave only 3000 dollars to his own country engineer Will keep for

3) In our country, people will keep machines rather than keeping bam (maid) for household chores because we give as much money to a woman as if to say, give 4000 rupees, which at the same time is equal to 4000 dollar If we do, we can buy machines at less than what we get in just 1000 dollars.

For all these reasons people will stop getting job and unemployment will increase in our country.

So friends, we know about the fate and loss that is going to happen here, which is why we know that if 1 rupee becomes 1 dollar then our country will never prosper and it will be more than us lost.

If there is 1 Rupee = 1 Dollar, what will it have?

What Is Emoji Stickers And How To Make Your Emoji Stickers?

Do you know what this is Emoji? If you. Internet has very high usage in our lives. In this way Internet has changed the way we communicate with each other to a great extent. Because body language and verbal tone we can not translate into text messages or e-mails, so we have developed alternate ways to express your emotions. The most prominent changes that have been made in online style are those two new-age hieroglyphic languages ​​addition: which are emoticons and emoji.

Do you know what this is Emoji? If you. Internet has very high usage in our lives. In this way Internet has changed the way we communicate with each other to a great extent. Because body language and verbal tone we can not translate into text messages or e-mails, so we

In the present time, digital communication has changed the way we speak and write, i.e. we are no longer limited to typing only some words or sentences. If you want to open any social network and check out some of your last text messages, you will find that you can find many smiley faces, hearts, animals, food, and many other image-based characters in those messages. Yes, friends, they are called emoji. These iconic small images are very popular all over the internet. In these Emojis you can get to see different emotions. These represent our emotions better. So today I thought why you should be given full information about what people are Emojis in Hindi. You can also get full information about Emojis through this article. So let's start without delay and know more about what emoji is.

What is emoji (what is Emoji)

Emoji is the epitome of two words E and Moji. In Japanese language E means "picture" and Moji means "character". Therefore it is also called pictorial message. This is the only recent invention of the present. In other words, emoji is a kind of visual representation of emotion, object or symbol. You can see emoji in modern communication apps like text messaging or social networking apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. If you have access to the library of Emotions in your App, then you have to just tap the smiley face icon in your keyboard.

The library of emoticons is organized in these libraries according to your category. That's why your recently used emoticons are displayed in iOS first, followed by emotive images, animals / creatures, food, sports / activities, motor vehicles, technology / tools, hearts / symbols and flags. These categorization can make some users feel a bit worried because they are not so well organized. That's why Apple has provided users this feature in the next versions of their iOS so that they can activate emotions by writing words and which they can tap.

What is the meaning of this Emoji?

What is the meaning of emoji? As I have said before, emoji is a type of visual message in which our emotions are given a pictorial representation. During the conversation, there are many situations where users can not express their emotions or they do not find the right words to write them, then they need a similar emoji. Therefore users can use them during their conversations. It is also short and expresses the mood of users.

Who was the first to use Emoji? Who are the makers of Emojis?

The first to create Emoji is that which was made in 1999 only for the Japanese User Base. The world's first emoji was very simple - in which only 12 pixels by 12 pixels were used - and to make Shigetaka Kurita took inspiration from manga art and kanji characters.

At that time Kurita used to work in a development team of DOCOMO, who was doing some design for "i-mode" at that time. This i = mode was an early mobile internet platform, of Japan's main mobile carrier, DOCOMO. Kurita wanted to create a very attractive interface at that time, so that the information could be convery from a simple and attractive tone.


  1. 1999: Emoji was born! The icons in the original set were weather, traffic, technology, and time.
  2. 2010: Unicode officially adopted emoji, in which they included many - cat faces emoting happiness, anger, and tears.
  3. 2015: Emoji has a diversity update that includes five new skin tones and one set of same-sex couples.
  4. 2016: Many more like single dad, pride flag, and weightlifting woman emoji are also included in updates.
  5. 2017: Then new emoji proposals were suggested in which the information was conveyed in the characters and many language and cultures were included in it, such as a mosquito that represents illnesses such as malaria and zika.

Which company launched the first emoji internationally?

In the international level, emoji was first introduced by Apple Inc. Has used in their iPhones. Earlier, this feature was included only to attract Japanese customers, but all the users came to know about this feature and people liked it too much. This forced the company to declare it officially.

How to make your emoji

Many people want to make emoji for themselves. And this is exactly possible too. There are many apps in Android and iOS Platforms with the help of which you can create emoji for yourself and personalize any Emoji too. One such free app is Makemoji, which is both shared between Android and iOS platforms. It's totally free, and with this help you can also share Emoji with other friends. In addition Makemoji has more than 1000 pre-made emoji mehjud.

Emoji Vs Emoticons? What's the difference between emoji and emoticons?

Emoticons Full Form is Emotional Icons These are called icons, in which punctuation marks, letters, and numbers are used to create pictorial icons which usually show an emotion or sentiment.

Emoji's full form is E + Moji. E means picture (picture) and Moji means character. These are defined in Japanese in the same way. You may have seen emoji in Andorid and iOS phones: there are yellow (yellow) cartoony faces that have different expressions.

So if you have a smiley face in front of which there is a character you have seen in the computer keyboard, then know that Smiley Face is an emoticon. If any small cartoon figure is free from any punctuation, numbers, and letters, then know that it is an emoji.

What is the importance of emoji?

This thing is certain that Emoji is going to be in Smartphones for a long time in coming time, and together it will become even more powerful. Apple has also given much emphasis on this, which will bring an update to a major dam in the upcoming iOS operating system. Unicode Consortium has recently introduced Unicode 9 standard, in which they have added about 72 emoji characters, so that there are now more than 128,172 Emojis in total. Many brands like Pepsi-Cola have also recently launched one of their set of emojis.


I hope that this article is my emoji (What is Emoji). My always efforts are to keep the readers informed about how to make amoji so that they do not need to find any other site or internet in the context of that article.

Thanks you....

What Is Emoji Stickers And How To Make Your Emoji Stickers?

What is Google Play Administrations and For what reason is it important?

Being an Android client, we as a whole more likely than not seen the Google Play Store in our Android Telephone, yet have you at any point endeavored to know what it is Google Play Administrations, how it works and this is for our telephones For what reason is it essential? It is frequently observed when a client introduces another amusement or application since they require a considerable measure of Google Play Administrations to run new recreations in ororid versatile. In the event that you have Google Play benefits in your versatile, you may need to refresh it and if fundamental you need to introduce it legitimately.

Being an Android client, we as a whole more likely than not seen the Google Play Store in our Android Telephone,

As a matter of fact these Google Play administrations are not an Andorid Application, but rather they are a major bundle of APIs that are firmly connected with the Android framework. This guarantees in any event applications rely upon Android Os to run themselves. Next in this article, Google Play Administrations is the thing that we will take in more about it. So today I figured why you should give individuals full data about Google Play benefits with the goal that you have finish information about it. So how about we start immediately.

What is Google Play Administrations

Discussing Google Play Administrations, individuals regularly begin to comprehend an Andorid application, yet in all actuality this isn't an Android Application. Furthermore, when you need to open it, it doesn't open, yet like applications. However, this of course is introduced in all Android gadgets. It requires normal updates every now and then, it additionally requires numerous consents, which you can be inspired by observing. For example, access and power over the SMS, access to delicate log information, access to all data about Google applications; And this rundown goes on like this.

Placed it to put it plainly, Google Play Administrations is a sort of application that is firmly connected to the Android framework. These APIs are a bundle (things that assistance software engineers and permit applications to discuss effortlessly with one another), which guarantees that not very many applications run Android Be subject to OS refreshes.

What does Google Play Administrations work?

You can consider Google Play Administrations as a minor cell phone upset. Google Maps for instance: When Google Play Administrations was not there, this application was refreshed just when the Android OS was refreshed. We realize that these moderate bearers and producers work gradually with regards to Refresh Rool out. It doesn't need to sit tight for Google Maps refreshes yet, yet it tends to be done naturally on account of Google Play administrations.

Google Play Administrations subsequently overhauls applications without refreshing Android to the most recent form. Not the sum total of what applications have been incorporated into this, but rather essentially Google's home-blended applications (like Gmail, Google+, Google Play, and so forth.).

The correct utilization of this Google Play Administration can exploit all Andorid forms that are up to 2.2. It is in a route fencing in fracture that guarantees that all clients can appreciate Android.

Andorid Framework has seen huge changes since Android 4.3 and it has changed with each new Android refreshes, particularly after the entry of Candy and Marshmallow. Presently Google Play administrations has turned into an extremely fundamental piece of the Android biological community.

Can Google Play Administrations Be Incapacitate?

There was a period it could without much of a stretch be incapacitated effortlessly. Be that as it may, the fact is simply unique in light of the fact that most Google Applications utilize Google Play administrations to run easily. In any case, you can likewise cripple this administration on the off chance that you need, since now the cell phone can likewise keep running with no Google applications and administrations, utilizing custom ROMs, for example, LineageOS.

For what reason does Google Play Administrations Expend Battery?

As a rule, Google Play Administrations expends a low measure of battery, which has just a couple of rate focuses. In any case, at times it has likewise been seen that Google Administrations has expended a ton of batteries simply after the new Android OS refresh. The most compelling motivation for this is because of the inconsistency issue between your new Android form and Google Play Administrations.

There are some speediest answers for slove these issues:

1. Expel Updates to the application (Settings> Applications> All> Google Play Services> three spots menu> Uninstall refreshes). You can likewise go specifically to Settings> Security> Gadget Directors and handicap Android Gadget Chief first.

2. What's more, you can handicap synchronization of Google Information (Settings> Records here, you need to press the menu catch (three spots) and debilitate the Auto-adjust information).

The most effective method to peruse Warning in Google Play Administration

Or then again is simple. As I have just specified, Google Play Administration is an application that keeps running out of sight. In the event that you smoke its (UI) at that point you won't get this. At whatever point there is another adaptation of the application you downloaded, you see it in the warning structure. On the off chance that you have evacuated those notices by error, at that point you can see them like this.

First you need to open Google Play Store in your Android versatile. When you press the menu given in the left side you will see the choice of "My notices" there. By going in, you will have the capacity to peruse all your Play Administration notices.

How to Investigate Issues of Google Play Administrations?

As an Android client, we may need to confront numerous issues from Google Play Administrations. The most concerning issue normal is to get a blunder message that has ceased your Google Play administrations, they regularly get more from an application or amusement crash or inability to stack.

In such a case, you simply need to clear the reserve of your android telephone, heading off to the setting menu.

  • 1. Open the Settings menu in your telephone first.
  • 2. Tap Applications
  • 3. Tap Google Play Administrations.
  • 4. At that point tap 'Power Stop' catch.
  • 5. At that point tap 'Clear Reserve' catch.

Doing this will clear your portable reserve and you can settle your versatile by being slamming.

How to Refresh Google Play Administrations?

Regularly this Google Play Administrations consequently refreshes out of sight. Be that as it may, commonly it doesn't refresh without anyone else's input in view of huge updates. For this situation, you need to physically refresh it. You have to open the Play Store for ISL and find and refresh Google Play Administrations. By doing this, your Play Administrations will be completely refreshed.


I trust you have individuals what do Google Play Administrations do to you? Gave full data about and trust you folks have comprehended it would be ideal if you share this post on informal communities, for example, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to demonstrate your joy and interest. Do it

What is Google Play Administrations and For what reason is it important?

What is a Computer Operator and what is its work?

All of you have to know a little bit about what is the work of a computer operator? Apply for "Computer Operator is needed" or DEO (Data Entry Operator) here? All these notices will be seen in the public notice board, in the bus stand, college walls, and once they have thought what they mean. What is the job profile of this Computer Operator, what do they work? If you have all these questions in your mind, then you must read this article as a computer operator.

All of you have to know a little bit about what is the work of a computer operator?

This job is a job that any technical or non technical person can do with a great deal of comfort. Only some technical knowledge should be some knowledge of MS Word or MS Excel. Apart from this, the most important thing is typing speed. If you have to do this job in future then you must pay attention to your typing speed. This job is available in most government, private companies, also part time and full time. So if you have already decided that you will have to do this in the future. You have to prepare yourself for something different. But people do not know how to do this. So today I thought that you should provide information about why people are computer operator, so that you can easily find the job. Then let's begin without delay.

What is a computer operator

The full form of DEO is Data Entry Operator. It is also similar to the Computer Operator. Or say that both are actually the same. In both of these, the operator has to input into the data computer. In it, the operator's typing speed and the knowledge of the basic computer is more useful. Since there is only a lot of data, so if it does not have good typing speed then it becomes more difficult to do this work.

With this, the error rate of the DEO should also be reduced, otherwise its effect will be in its effciency. Official Work is often data entry, typing excel sheet, typing in MS Word, so the computer operator must have a lot of knowledge about computers or about its application. So that there is no problem in using these applications. Computer Operator should use output devices such as keyboard, mouse, printer as it has to use the same for his work.

Is Knowledge to be a Computer Operator?

By the way, a computer operator is not required to have more knowledge in any subject. But still there are some things about which they should be belonging to some knowledge. Let's know more about this.

Educational Qualification - If I talk about academic qualification then +2 pass or intermediate is also very much, there are some places where demand for graduation is done. In some places, a computer diploma (6 months) is also very much. In fact, it depends on whether you are applying for a position from an angle or from an angle department, you have to work later. Since there is a demand for educational qualification according to the posts and job profile.

Typing Speed ​​- Since the main function of an operator is to enter the data, so typing speed is a very high eagle, in the choice of DEO. By the way, if the candidate has done a good type in both English and Hindi, then the chances of him getting selected are more. Talking about Typing Speed, then minimum 35 words per minute is considered as a good typing speed. If you think you have the same speed then you can apply for post.

Knowledge of language (Knowledge of language) - In this job profile, an operator is required to type in both English and Hindi. In such a situation, if the operator does not have knowledge of language then he will have trouble typing both. Many times it has to be typed and sometimes it has to be typed after listening. So if there is no knowledge of language then it is very difficult to get the work done by this operator. Therefore it is mandatory to have strong language.

Computer knowledge - The Data Entry Operator always has to work in the computer itself. Therefore, if the operator does not have any knowledge on the computer, then this work is going to be very difficult. In this work should come with typing as well as operating Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Excel. Besides sending an email, basic technology should also be used.

What is the selection process of computer operator?

If you really want to become a Computer Operator then you should make good preparation for it, with this you should also pay special attention to typing. In the selection process of a computer operator, she has to give some exams and interview. These interviews are not compulsory in some places.

Speaking of Exams, you have to give a Written Test which has a Cutoff mark and you have to cross that cut off to give further exams.

There is also your Typing Speed ​​test after the written test. Here, more attention is paid to an candidate's typing. Again, interviews are also done in some places where you are asked about some basic questions about technical questions and some common knowledge. Computer operator is examined in different ways by different departments. Therefore, before preparing for the exam, it is important to know how his Exam Pattern is.

The job profile of the computer operator and the data entry operator varies in different segments. They are also given different salaries in different sectors. There are two main sectors in India: Government Sector and Private Sector. In these two areas, the person's ability, consideration and expense, is determined by their ability.

Salary in Government Sector - Almost every month from 10,000 to 20,000
Salary in the Private Sector - Almost every month from 14,000 to 26,000

What is the work of a computer operator?

As the name suggests, their main work is data entry. For this, they use Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner and Computer Screen. In addition, they have to fill in data in Microsoft Excel, creating a document in MS Word. They also sometimes have to email. Look at all things, then they are mainly used for official work.

What is the salary of computer operator in the ministry?

If we look at the salary of a Computer Operator in any ministry, then we will know that it ranges from Rs.15,000 to Rs.24,000. These figures also depend on the post and the experience.


I hope you guys have a computer operator? I have given full information  you can write down comments for it. please shares thus post on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

What is a Computer Operator and what is its work?

What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated?

Do you know what is Eco Friendly Diwali? All of you will know about Diwali but there are hardly any people who are aware of how eco-friendly Diwali is celebrated. Diwali is the most anticipated festival of the year. This festival is about the opportunity to spread happiness, highlight life and fulfill human bondage. But we have made this festival dangerous for the big, which creates many problems like air, noise pollution. It is very difficult for people to get fresh air in these days.

Do you know what is Eco Friendly Diwali? All of you will know about Diwali but there are hardly any people who are aware of how eco-friendly Diwali is celebrated. Diwali is the most anticipated festival of the year. This festival is about the opportunity to spread happiness,

For the same reasons, it is advisable that this Diwali also celebrates Eco friendly Diwali. By following these environmentally friendly methods, not only is it good for you, but it also fades with everyone else. So let us know about some of the ways that all of us can celebrate eco-friendly Diwali this year. What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated?What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated?What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated?What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated?

Celebration, light, sweet, gift, love, affection, family and neighbors - these are the same things that interpret Diwali in the right way. At this time there is a different environment in the entire country, where it is celebrated by Harsh and Ullash. But as we are developing we use more chemicals, in this we include many chemical substances such as crackers, sparklers. They have a very bad effect on our environment. Therefore, Eco-friendly diwali is a big craze all around, but people do not have any idea about this and did not even know how Eco Friendly celebrates Diwali. What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated?
 So today I thought why you should provide some information about how to celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali. So let's begin without delay.

What is eco-friendly diwali

Eco Friendly Diwali is called in which Diwali is celebrated in an environmentally friendly manner. This means that celebrating Diwali in such a way that no environment can cause harm to the environment. There is no use of chemicals, crackers and things that spread pollution. It also keeps our environment safe. Nowadays, all Eco Friendly recommend celebrating Diwali.

How Echo-Friendly Diwali is Celebrated

Then we know that by using all the 12 methods, how do we celebrate Diwali more efficiently in a noiseless, pollution free and memorable Diwali?

1. First of all say no 'no' to crackers

By the way, nothing is good in the crackers, because they are noisy, loud, dangerous, and together they contribute their worthless to the Mehjuda pollution. Keeping these points and keeping them in view of the poor impact environment, the Supreme Court has banned the sale of firecrackers in the area of ​​Delhi-NCR till November 1.

2. Use lamps made of soil

There is no one better given than the soil served in our tradition. Even though we are not using them in the name of old customs. But by doing so, you are not only doing good work for this Mother Earth and for our environment, but by using them, you help the local artisans in their employment. You can organize many fun activities, such as paintings, along with those given in your nearby schools and colleges. It will know the importance of giving soil to the children.

3. Make Rangoli Make use of Organic Colors

In this Diwali, at your home and in the surrounding areas, you can make Rangoli with the use of organic colors in lieu of chemical colors. In it, you can create various types of flowers, scenaries, pictures of Lakshmi Mata, etc. which will give you pleasure.

4. Protect your pet

Festivals such as Diwali can be very awesome for your pet creatures. Because they do not have the experience of such a terrible sound, due to which they can be very upset by listening to these voices. They can also fear him and run away from there so that there is a possibility of an accident with him. Do not burn any fireworks yourself and ask your neighbors not to burn or burn, if possible, low noise burns.What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated?

5. Decorate your house properly

It is absolutely wrong to think that the house can be decorated only by bringing precious things from outside. Why can you give your old things the right way and give them a new look. In this way Internet can help you a lot because there are many DIY ideas available in the internet, which can easily be used by anyone. You just have to delay finding them and decorating them in your home.

6. Donate your old things to the needy.

In Diwali, they all cleanly clean their homes. In such a case, if you did it, then it may be that in your house, some of the architectures which are old and you do not use them. It may be that this is not a thing of your work, but in many fate it does not happen too. So, this Diwali, let's not throw out such things, let somebody give them such a person that they have lived well with this Diwali.

7. Go to any NGO and volunteer.

The best way to admit diwali is to go to any such NGO and go to register, which goes to other places where they do not have money to accept Diwali. What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated? In such a situation, if you become part of these NGOs, then you can definitely enjoy all these and you can know people very closely.

8. Do not use plastic for sweets and gifts

Let's follow this Diwali that the paper wrapping made of hands will be used to pack gifts and food items.What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated?

9. Discard the waste properly

There are many festivals and many of the waste products are released after it has ended. Whether it is cracking or having a home decor, they all create many dishes. What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated? Therefore, this Diwali, let's delete Waste properly and keep them separate bio-degradable and non-bio degradable waste. There will be no problem in disposing of them and the filth will not spread anywhere else.

10. Remeber and split at home

If you have money, you can easily buy sweets from the market. But there is no fun in it, because the fun of it being disturbed by himself in the house, making fun of family members with laughter, to do it, where to buy it from the market. So bring all the ingredients to make sweets in the house and eat and share it with neighbors. It increases love and affection.

11. Recycle Your Identity

Do not throw out your lamps after use, it increases the dirt. Rather you can clean them up again and again. What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated? This will also save your money and will not spread too much dirt.

12. Innovate your gifts

Innovate this Diwali gift of your Diwali and provide some kind of gift that is right for people in place of sweets. What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated? Where eating more of sweets increases the risk of cholesterol and diabetes, it is advisable that you search some healthier options such as wind purifying plants, feng shui plants, kitchen plants, solar power gadgets, khadi Almonds in place of clothes, or dessert


I hope that how are you people celebrating eco-friendly Diwali? I have given full information about this and I hope you have understood what eco-friendly Diwali is. If you have received this post from Eco-Friendly Diwali , please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to show your happiness and curiosity.

What is Eco-Friendly Diwali and how is it celebrated?

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